Staging area

    Staging area is dedicated to collect submissions, that do not pass at least one of the configurable validation steps for autoregistration or for the upload process.

    Submissions in the Staging area are listed, by default in increasing submission ID order. ( Figure 1). Privileged users can open submission(s) on the Submission page, then correct and manually register them. Submissions in the Staging area are characterized by:

    Figure 1. Overview of the Staging area

    The user is able to perform bulk action with the selected submissions. The list of bulk actions can be found under Actions in the Staging area.

    ID (Submission)

    Each submission receives an ID. The ID of the submissions in the Staging area is visible in the first column. Later, submissions can be even deleted using this ID. When a submission is successfully registered from the Staging area the ID will be kept (in the DB), it is just not visible anymore in the application.


    When submissions in the Staging area derive from the same bulkload process, they will receive the same Library ID. Those submissions, which fall to the Staging area from the Registration page (not from bulkloader), will have no Attempt ID. Grouping of submissions in the Staging area is possible, according to the Library ID or the "empty" value (see Figure 1).


    LnbRef, as an identifier provided by the source prior to the registration, is a compulsory data field for every submission and it is guaranteed to be unique in the whole registration database.

    Created on

    "Created on" field displays the exact date and time when the submission record was created in Month dd, yyyy hh:mm (GMT) format.


    In the "Submitter" field the Submitter ID is displayed. It indicates the user who owns the submission (not necessarily the user who sent the submission to the Registry).


    The Source identifies the origin of the compound to be registered. More info can be found here.

    Assigned to

    "Assigned to", formerly "Opened by" field shows the user whom the submission is assigned to (not necessarily the submitter) in the staging area.

    Current status

    "Current status" field gives an explanation of why a certain submission can be found in the Staging. A more detailed message is provided if the cursor is moved over the status field. The most common status messages are summarized in the Example Status Messages table.

    Selecting the appropriate arrows found next to the header text of the fields, submissions can be listed by increasing or decreasing order of the appropriate field (number, date, alphabetical order for text fields are supported). For "Created on" field the drop-down menu is populated with the following options: today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, this month, last month, custom range and specific dates (from to).

    All the fields are searchable, the search results will appear instantly once the search criteria is entered. Search according to multiple fields are allowed.

    In the submission table, by default, the first 50 items are shown. The content of the submission table can be refreshed after scrolling down in the table. The number of selected submissions in the actual tab and the overall number of selected submissions are also displayed in the right bottom part of the window next to the number of submission items ( Figure 1). A list of status messages:

    Current status (Staging area) Detailed status message (Submission page)
    InvalidLnbRef Status: InvalidLnbRef - LnbRef ... is not valid according to the Regular Expressions.
    LnbRefDuplicated Status: LnbRefDuplicated - The LnbRef to be registered .... is already present in the database.
    UnknownCST Status: UnknownCST - A previously unknown CST was entered.
    LotIdDuplicated Status: LotIdDuplicated - The LotId to be registered … is already present in the database.
    InvalidLotId Status: InvalidLotId - LotId - … is not valid.
    UnBalancedCharge Status: UnBalancedCharge - The structure seems to have a charge balance problem.
    PositivelyChargedStructure Status: PositivelyChargedStructure - A positively charged structure was submitted, possible structure -> salt proton transfer to be checked by the Registrar
    SaltSplittingError Status: SaltSplittingError - Salt splitting found a salt/solvate fragment while also a salt/solvate info was submitted.
    SaltSplittingError Status: SaltSplittingError - Salt splitting identified all fragments as salts/solvates.
    UnknownSource Status: UnknownSource - The source ….. is unknown.
    ParentTautomerMatch Status: ParentTautomerMatch - Creation of new parents that are tautomer matches of already existing ones is not allowed.
    Parent2DTautomerMatch Status: Parent2DTautomerMatch - Creation of new parents that are stereo-tautomer matches of already existing ones is not allowed.
    Parent2DMatch Status: Parent2DMatch - Creation of new parents that are stereo matches of already existing ones is not allowed.
    OperationNotAllowed Status: OperationNotAllowed - Registering a new lot under a matching version is not allowed.
    OperationNotAllowed Status: OperationNotAllowed - Registering a new version under a matching parent is not allowed.
    InconsistentAmf Status: InconsistentAmf - Duplicate unknown mixture ranges exist.
    ComponentDuplication Status: ComponentDuplication - Two or more components of the submitted structure were found to be identical.
    RestrictedMatch Status: RestrictedMatch - Registration of restricted matches is not allowed. The structure to be registered has ... match to a restricted compound with PCN ...
    StructureCheckerError Status: StructureCheckerError - Crossed Double-Bond Checker: 1 crossed double bond found
    StructureCheckerError Status: StructureCheckerError - Wiggly Bond Checker: 1 wiggly bond on tetrahedral stereo center found
    StructureCheckerError Status: StructureCheckerError - Rare Element Checker: 1 rare element found
    StructureCheckerError Status: StructureCheckerError - Straight Double Bond Checker: 1 straight double bond found

    Bulk actions are available from the Staging area.