Structure Parameters

    Parameter Meaning Default
    atomSetColor0atomSetColor1...atomSetColor63 Atom set color as a hexadecimal value. N/A
    bondSetColor1...bondSetColor63 Bond set color as a hexadecimal value. N/A
    importConv Conversion(s) after molecule loading. Currently, the following options are implemented:
    • General aromatization ("a" or "+a")
    • Basic aromatization ("a_bas" or "+a_bas")
    • Dearomatization ("-a")
    • Add explicit H atoms ("H" or "+H")
    • Remove explicit H atoms ("-H")
    • Automatic cleaning ("c")
    cleanDim The number of space dimensions for cleaning. 2 - two-dimensional cleaning, 3 - three-dimensional cleaning. See also: cleanOpts, importConv 2
    cleanOpts Options for 2D or 3D cleaning. cleanOpts accepts the same parameter values as clean2dOpts or clean3dOpts depending on the cleaning dimension (cleanDim). N/A
    clean2dOpts Options for 2D cleaning (0D->2D) See base 2D cleaning options N/A
    clean3dOpts Options for 3D cleaning (0D->3D) See base 3D cleaning options N/A
    setColoringEnabled Atom/bond set coloring. true
    valenceCheckEnabled Check valence errors in molecules on the SketchPanel (true) or not (false). true