Business Flags

    Business flags make it possible to configure the feature set of Plexus Suite which you want to make available for your users. You have the possibility to turn on and off particular features

    The business flags are available in the ${HOME}/.chemaxon/plexus-suite/ file in UNIX systems (or in the %USERPROFILE%\chemaxon\plexus-suite\ file in Windows). Switching on and off features is possible by setting their business flag properties to "true" or "false" , respectively. The changes will take effect following the next log-in to Plexus Suite.

    If a business flag of a feature has been turned off, the menus or toolbar elements belonging to this feature will not appear in the graphical user interface, e.g. the "Upload" button will be missing from the blue action bar on the left side of the application if the "FILE_UPLOAD" property is set to false. As a consequence, the users will not be able to import any .mrv or .sdf files into Plexus Suite.

    Please note that setting a business flag to true, does not always mean that that feature will be available in Plexus Suite. The existence of a feature can depend on other things as well, such as whether a valid license can be found for a feature. For instance, creating a chart requires the Plexus Analysis license, so even when the CHARTING business flag is set to true, chart creation will not be available unless a valid Plexus Analysis can be found in your system.

    Currently, the following features have a business flag belonging to them:

    Property name Feature
    ADD_CALCULATED_COLUMN Calculating new properties for compounds in a table
    COLUMN_REORDER Reordering columns in table views
    DRILL_DOWN Assigning script files to database views for custom functionality
    IJC_FORMS Using form views (designed in Instant JChem) for data browsing
    EXPORT Exporting data from database views to a file
    SCAFFOLD_ENUMERATION Creating a compound library with molecules having the same backbone
    PROPERTY_CALCULATORS Calculating physico-chemical properties of compounds
    PLEXUS_CHARTS Analyzing and visualizing chemical data
    FILE_UPLOAD Importing files (.mrv or .sdf files) into Plexus Suite
    REACTION_ENUMERATION Creating a compound library by virtual synthesis
    ADMIN_TOOLS Sending system-related messages to the users of Plexus Suite
    CELL_EDITING Editing data values in table cells
    ROW_INSERTING Adding new row to a table
    DASHBOARD_PROJECTS Adds the fourth column to the Dashboard with a list of IJC schemas loaded by Plexus
    PLEXUS_REGISTRATION Registering chemical and biological entities

    {info} Please note that from version, the following business flags are set to "false" by default:


    If you want to use any of these features, please, turn the respective business flag to "true" and then log in to Plexus Suite again.