Work with Filter Results

    To start a filtering process, follow the steps below.

    1. Click the Structure Filter button which can be found on the JChem ribbon, under the Chemistry group.

    2. Specify the filtering options.

    3. After specifying the options, click OK to run the filtering process.

    After the filtering process is completed, only those structures remain on the worksheet that fulfill the specified criteria. The matching substructures are colored with the specified color. Non-matching rows are hidden from the worksheet.

    If the appropriate option is selected in Options > General > R-group Decomposition and Filter, the specified query structure is kept on the Filter dialog until the current filtering is cleared. In this way, it is possible to reopen the Filter dialog and modify the query structure without drawing it again.

    The Filter dialog closes automatically when the filtering process has been finished without errors. The number of hits is displayed on the status bar at the bottom of the worksheet for 10 seconds.


    You can use the following actions on the results:

    • Specify to return non-hits by setting the Return Non-Hits option to TRUE in the Filter dialog. In this case, only structures that do not contain the query structure will be displayed.

      The number of non-hits is displayed on the status bar at the bottom of the worksheet for 10 seconds.

    • Display the hidden rows with structures again by clicking the Clear Structure Filter button. In this case, the hit count information is also removed from the sheet.

    • Remove hit coloring from the selected structures by using the Remove Hit Coloring button, which can be found on the ribbon, near the Filter button.

      In this case, the hits remain on the worksheet but displayed without the hit coloring.