Save to Share

    Use this function to easily convert chemical structures into images and JChem functions into pure values. This way, the workbook can be shared with others who do not have Jchem for Excel installed.

    The Save to Share button is available under the Share group on the ribbon.

    By clicking the Save to Share button, the File Save dialog opens. Only files with the .xlsx extension are available for saving. Specify the destination folder and the file name.


    After specifying the file destination and name and clicking Save , a confirmation dialog informs the user that unsaved changes will be saved. Click Yes to proceed or No to abort the process.


    The original JChem for Excel workbook remains opened after saving the new file. In the new file, the chemical structures are converted into images and JChem functions, for example, JCExactMass and JClogP are converted to pure values in the new Excel file.

    The new file can be opened and reviewed by any user.


    Images in the new file can be converted back to structures by using the Convert Images to Structures function of JChem for Excel.