Java VM Options

    If you run ChemAxon applications from the command line (through ChemAxon shell scripts), then apart from the application-specific parameters, you can specify some options to Java VM (like Java heap size).

    For example, mview -Xmx128m huge-file.sdf sets the max memory of the Java VM to 128Mb (the default value is 64Mb). This can be useful if we want to load a huge molecule file into the MarvinView application.


    Parameter Description
    -client To select the "client" VM
    -server To select the "server" VM
    -Xmx<size> Set maximum Java heap size
    -X Print help on non-standard options. Different Java VM-s support various non-standard options. After printing the help, the Java VM exits immediately. Thus, the application will not start if the command line includes this option.The ChemAxon shell scripts can evaluate all non-standard options starting with -X.