Structure Templates

    The description of templates, template groups, and their usage can be found in the Templates section of the MarvinSketch User's Guide. The templates and template groups can be defined or redefined by using the tmpls, ttmpls and xtmpls applet parameters or bean properties of MarvinSketch. The default template groups of MarvinSketch are defined with these parameters as specified below. They are defined in the application, in the applet, and the MSketchPane JavaBean component as well.

    tmpls2=:Amino Acids:chemaxon/marvin/templates/aminoacids.t
    tmpls5=:Bridged Polycyclics:chemaxon/marvin/templates/bridged_polycycles.t
    tmpls6=:Crown Ethers:chemaxon/marvin/templates/crown_ethers.t
    tmpls8=:Hetero Cycles:chemaxon/marvin/templates/heterocycles.t
    tmpls128=:My Templates:

    The My Templates group is a special group consisting of user-defined structures. They are stored in .mrv format in a dedicated place under the user home directory. This path cannot be modified.

    The Generic and My Templates template groups are visible on the Advanced Templates toolbar by default. All other template groups can also be accessed, but the template groups that are instantly visible on the Advanced Templates toolbar can the most easily be used.

    Additional template groups can simply be defined using the tmpls parameter. In the definition, the name of the template group and the path of the structure file is given. The parameter name contains the index of the group which determines the sequence they appear in the application.

    The parameter value starts with a delimiter character. The second occurrence of this character separates the name of the group from its path. Setting a different name and a path using an existing index redefines the template group, for example, the parameter bellow switches the order of rings and amino acids while leaving other groups untouched:

    tmpls1=:Amino Acids:chemaxon/marvin/templates/aminoacids.t

    Template groups can be deleted from the Template Library by setting the path of the group to an empty string.

    The ttmpls parameter can be used similarly to tmpls, but template groups defined with ttmpls parameter will appear on the Templates toolbar. In the case when the ttmpls parameter is used, the Generic and My Templates template groups will not appear on the toolbar unless they are also set with the ttmpls parameter.

    A simpler way of defining one additional template group along with setting it visible on the toolbar is to use the xtmpls parameter. With this parameter it is not necessary (neither possible) to define the name and index of the template group. Its name is Extra Templates, and its index is n by default, where n is the total number of defined groups except the My Templates group, that is 11 by default.

    {primary} The Generic template group is included in Marvin Applet's JAR file (marvin.jar or jmarvin.jar), however, all other template groups are downloaded from the webserver the first time when they are accessed. All the default template groups are included in the Marvin Beans JAR file (MarvinBeans.jar).