Table Options

    You can adjust the layout and display options of the table from the Table menu.

    • Molecule subset to display: You can define the starting index and the number of molecules to be displayed. By default, the number of molecules is set to zero i.e., all the molecules of the opened file will be shown.

    • Table type: Set the general layout of MarvinView. Two layouts are available: molecule matrix or spreadsheet. Automatic layout will choose the best arrangement of molecules according to the type of molecule file.

    • Size of visible part:

      • Set the number of columns and rows of molecule matrix view.
      • Set the size of the structure display field of spreadsheet view.
    • Fields: Besides structure, optional fields can be displayed as well. Check the requested fields, and set font sizes. When the molecule file has additional fields, they are listed in the Available and Selected windows.

    Set the preferred fields in the Selected window using add and remove buttons.