JChem for Office User's Guide

    JChem for Office is ChemAxon's chemoinformatics solution in Microsoft Office products enabling scientists to manage and analyze chemical structures and their data in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook.

    Since JChem for Excel is rather a data analysis tool, while JChem for Office is more of a reporting tool, the documentation of these products is separated.

    For the JChem for Excel documentation, see JChem for Excel User's Guide.

    For a list of supported environments, see Supported Versions.

    The main features of JChem for Office are:

    • Import structures and data from Instant JChem data tables, and from files.

    • Add and edit structures.

    • Open structures from files.

    • Copy-paste structures and data between Microsoft Office applications.

    • Convert structures to SMILES strings (not available in OneNote).

    • Convert text (SMILES, InChi, SMARTS, IUPAC Name, and CAS Registry Numbers®) to structure (not available in OneNote).

    • Display structure properties (not available in OneNote).