Other Parameters

    Parameter Meaning Default
    escapeChar Escape character to use for parsing the value of the mol parameter. N/A
    abbrevgroups Replacing the built-in abbreviated group collection with a custom one. The parameter value is the location of the file containing the custom abbreviated groups. chemaxon/marvin /templates /default.abbrevgroup
    autoCheckStructure Enables (true) or disables (false) automatic structure check. To take effect, set statusBar parameter to true as well. false
    customAbbrevgroups You can add further abbreviations for the default.abbrevgroup contents with the contents of the files that can be specified with the help of this parameter. The parameter has to contain the path of the file relative to the codebase. It is possible to define more than one file, the separator character can be a comma (,) or a pipe (|) character. N/A
    abbrevgroupsAllowed Enables/disables the usage of abbreviated groups. If the function is disabled, typing with the keyboard over the canvas will only allow changing atom and bond types. true
    automaticReactionEnabled Specifies whether the plus signs should be automatically generated for reactions. If true, plus signs are automatically generated if there is only one arrow (single-step reaction) on the canvas between the unconnected fragments on each side of the reaction. true
    userAbbrevGroupsAllowed Enables/disables the usage of user-defined abbreviated groups. true
    defaultSaveFormat Sets the default chemical file format in the Save As dialog. mrv
    debug Debug mode. Possible values: 0, 1, 2. 0
    menuconfig Specifies an alternative menu customization file location instead of the default .chemaxon/{MarvinSketch_version}/customization.xml (Unix) or chemaxon/{MarvinSketch_version}/customziation.xml (Windows) file under the user's home. Please note that if this parameter is used, the customizationEnabled parameter is automatically set to false. N/A
    mergedst Merge distance of atoms in C-C bond length units. 0.1
    molFormat Default file format: mol, csmol, smiles, cxsmiles, cml, pdb, pov, sybyl, or xyz. mol
    shortcuts Specifies an alternative shortcut customization file location instead of the default .chemaxon/{MarvinSketch_version}/shortcuts.xml (Unix) or chemaxon/{MarvinSketch_version}/shortcuts.xml (Windows) file under the user's home. Please note that if this parameter is used, the customizationEnabled parameter defaults to false. N/A
    symbols A comma-separated list of symbols that will be always shown in the Insert Symbol popup. The symbols must be specified as a font family name/Unicode code point pairs: fontname:codepoint. Fonts can be physical or logical. The logical fonts supported by the JRE: Serif, SansSerif, Monospaced, Dialog, and DialogInput. Example (Δ,?): "SansSerif:U+0394,SanSerif:U+212B" N/A
    toolbarFloatable Setting this parameter to false makes the toolbars immovable. true
    undo Maximum number of undo operations. 50
    viewHelp MarvinView help contents. N/A
    disablePluginsLookup Set this to true if you want to disable the lookup for plugins.properties. To load plugins.properties form a location to enable the Tools menu, define the location of the file with the toolfiles parameter. false
    defaultDatatransferPolicy Set this to true if you want to disable the search of datatransfer.properties in the codebase, and use the default configuration (mostly suitable for every use case). false
    defaultTool Sets the initial editing mode in the sketcher.
    • atom:atomNumber - Atom drawing mode. Additional flags must be used to specify the element type. Example: "atom:6" (carbon atom)
    • bond:bondType - Bond drawing mode. Additional flags must be used to specify the bond type. Example: "bond:1" (single bond)
    • select - Rectangle selection
    • lassoSelect - Lasso selection
    • structureSelect - Structure selection
    • erase - Delete mode
    • bold - Changes the selected bond to Bold.
    • chain - Chain drawing mode
    • electronFlow1 - Electron Flow (with one electron) drawing mode
    • electronFlow2 - Electron Flow (with two electrons) drawing mode
    • reactionArrow - Reaction Arrow drawing mode
    • retrosyntheticArrow - Retrosynthetic Arrow drawing mode
    • resonanceArrow - Resonance Arrow drawing mode
    • equilibriumArrow - Equilibrium Arrow drawing mode
    • increaseCharge - Increases the charge of the selected atom
    • decreaseCharge - Decreases the charge of the selected atom
    • assignAtom - Assigner tool for selecting atom pairs to enable 3D Directed Merge
    • switchRadical - Tool for switching the number of radical electrons
    • radicalOff - Tool for setting the number of radical electrons of the atom to 0
    • monovalentRadical - Tool for setting the number of radical electrons of the atom to 1
    • increaseLonePairs - Tool for increasing the number of lone pairs of the atom by one
    disabledGroupTypesOnUI Disable the availability of certain S-group types available at Group Creation/Edit Dialog. (Structure>Group menu, or Contextual menu>Group menu point.) The parameter should be a comma-separated list of group types that should be disabled. Note: R-groups can not be disabled in this way.
  • superatomGroup - Superatom (abbreviation)
  • rangeGroup - Repeating unit with repetition ranges(e.g. 2,4-6)
  • multipleGroup - Multiple group (e.g. 3)
  • orderedMixtureGroup - Ordered mixture (f)
  • unorderedMixtureGroup - Unordered mixture (mix)
  • merGroup - Mer (mer)
  • monomerGroup - Monomer (mon)
  • graftGroup - Graft (grf)
  • modificationGroup - Modification (mod)
  • crosslinkGroup - Crosslink (xl)
  • genericGroup - Generic ()
  • componentGroup - Component (c)
  • sruGroup - SRU polymer(n)
  • copolymerGroup - Copolymer (co)
  • randomCopolymerGroup - Copolymer, random (ran)
  • blockCopolymerGroup - Copolymer, block (blk)
  • alternatingCopolymerGroup - Copolymer, alternating (alt)
  • anypolymerGroup - Anypolymer (anyp)
  • N/A
    disableSpecialNodes Set this to true if you want to disable special nodes on the Advanced tab of the Periodic Table dialog. false
    imageImportServiceURL Specifies the URL of an image import service to use. empty
    namingWebServiceURL Specifies the URL of the name recognition and import service for the name import to use. empty
    zoomToScaffoldOnLoad Zooms to the scaffold of RG Molecules. false

    Bean Example

    MSketchPane sketchPane = new MSketchPane();