What's New

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    15th April, 2021 A bunch of new developments went live!

    We have made a couple of improvements to existing features and also implemented new functionalities that are now available in Zosimos.

    Live assessment monitoring

    Teachers are now able to track their students’ activity during an assessment. They can check who has already submitted an assessment and who is still working on it. Besides that, they are also able to see the students’ responses for each question. This way the teachers have a better overview of what is happening on their exams.

    To help the teachers to find a given student in the assessment results list, the students are now listed in alphabetical order according to their last names. Because previously there was only one name field in the Profile, please ask your students to update their Profile settings in Zosimos by entering their first and last names separately. Also, the exported csv file with the student results will contain first and last names in separate columns from now on.

    More flexible quiz modification

    Finished quizzes on the Created tab can be modified to correct small mistakes by clicking View and Edit on the quiz card.

    This brings up the Content View where teachers can fix small errors in their quizzes.

    Assessment cards in Classes also display the name of the quiz that has been added to the assessment.

    If you click on the quiz name, the Content View will appear where again it is possible to make some minor changes even while an assessment is running.

    Sharing quizzes with other teachers

    Finished quizzes can also be shared with other teachers for a review. Simply click the Share with a teacher option available from the quiz card and type the email address of the viewer you would like to add. The corresponding teacher will see your quiz on their Shared With Me tab and they will be able to try it out and check its content but they will not be able to modify any exercises. Alternatively, they can also duplicate the quiz and edit its content afterwards.

    7th Jan, 2021: Lost internet connection message

    When students write an assessment and they lose their internet connection, they see a message in Zosimos that remains on their screen until the internet connection is restored (see the image below). Without having access to the internet, students are unable to provide answers (e.g. draw in the chemical editor) as these answers cannot be saved. They can however switch between the exam questions and familiarize themselves with the remaining problems.

    Once the internet connection is restored, the students are notified again and they can continue writing their assessments.

    16th Dec, 2020: Changes in sharing assessment results with students

    Until now, all results were shared with students immediately after the assessment was closed. Now there is a Share Result button on the assessment card (see below) that enables you to decide when to share the assessment results with the class.

    This feature might be useful if you would like to manually change the automatically assigned scores in some exercises before releasing the results to the students. Additionally, you may also delay sharing the assessment results if some of your students are writing the exam at different times than the rest of the class. Of course, you may even decide not to share the detailed results of an exam in Zosimos with your students, and simply export the total score and percentage results into csv.

    15th Nov, 2019: Structure options in multiple choice question type

    Get ready to draw the craziest structures in multiple choice questions!


    31st Oct, 2019: Multiple choice question type


    Yes, multiple choice question type has been added to Zosimos with the possibility to draw chemical structures in the question and defining chemical formulas in the answer options! The correct answer may be a single option or multiple options depending on how the problem was defined. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

    24th Oct, 2019: New organic chemistry capabilities

    Chemistry is about reactions and reactions are about electron transfers. The check of electron transfers, together with some other long-awaited organic chemistry features, has finally arrived to Zosimos! Use them when creating a quiz to practice Lewis-structures, resonance transitions, and more! Please keep in mind, that now we can only deal with single-step reactions and bond rearrangements.

    Lewis structures

    During quiz creation, you can add lone pairs to atoms. Answers will only be accepted if the same number of lone pairs are added to the atoms.


    Polyatomic ions

    The product of acid-base reactions are often polyatomic ions such as nitrate ion. The check of delocalized charges is also possible now.


    Resonance and mesomeric transition

    Practice virtual bond reordering inside a molecule. Draw curly arrows to indicate the transitions of electrons and Zosimos will check it.


    Single-step reaction mechanism

    You can now ask fine details about chemical reactions and check for reaction mechanisms easily. Use curly arrows to show the movement of electrons as bonds break and form between atoms.


    Have more ideas on how to use these new features? Publish your own quizzes and it may be selected as the quiz of the week in social media! images/s/en_US/8100/6512c1e2a41cdf14570641b46bd2fe3eaeb38d03/_/images/icons/emoticons/smile.svg

    18th Oct, 2019: Attempts during exercise completion

    You might have already experienced that having 3 attempts for each exercise is not always enough for students to find out the correct answer. Or even worse, it's too much...

    From now on, the number of attempts for each exercise can be configured when creating quizzes.


    When the exercise is being completed, you can try to answer as many times as it was defined.