Structure Editor Options in JChem for Office Lite

    Changing the structure editor in JChem for Office Lite can be done through the context menu.

    Right-click on a structure and navigate to JChem for Office > Structure Editor. The following editors are supported:

    • Marvin .NET

    • ChemDraw 12

    • ChemDraw 13

    • ChemDraw 14

    • ChemDraw 15

    • ChemDraw 16

    • ChemDraw 17

    • ChemDraw 18

    • ChemDraw 19

    • SymyxDraw

    • IsisDraw

    You can choose any of the listed editors (as long as it is installed) regardless of the chosen renderer.

    For example, it is possible to set the renderer to ChemDraw while the editor is set to Marvin , and the opposite is also true. In this case, the pasted structure will be rendered with ChemDraw , but when you open it for editing Marvin will be used as the chemical editor.

    See the below example for details.


    1. The renderer is set to ChemDraw 19 or Autodetect and the editor is set to Marvin .NET.

    2. A structure with ChemDraw specific properties is copied to the document.

    3. Structure edit is initiated by a double-click.

    4. A warning appears stating that some ChemDraw-specific functions are not yet supported in Marvin.

    5. The structure is opened in Marvin.