Custom Standardizer Actions

    Custom Standardizer actions can be implemented into Standardizer as described here.

    The created Standardizer Action can be implemented into Standardizer via the Standardizer Action Manager. You can open it by clicking on the Preferences button images/download/thumbnails/1803709/preferences_button.png in the bottom left corner. Select Action Manager from the available options and the Standardizer Action Manager opens.


    Standardizer Action Manager

    You can add the external Standardizer Action by pressing the images/download/thumbnails/1803709/plus_button.png button on the right of the Standardizer Action Manager window.


    Standardizer Action Manager

    Enter the URL or browse the location of JAR file containing the particular action in the field Java Archive (JAR). The remaining fields will be filled automatically if annotations were specified (e.g., Standardizer ID, Help text, Description, etc.). If the JAR file contains more than one class, select the appropriate class from the drop-down list.The Standardizer ID will appear among the list of available actions.

    You can add various external Standardizer actions from the same or from different JAR files. The integrated external actions can be exported to or imported from a configuration XML by using the appropriate button ( Export or Import ). This configuration XML file stores the class, ID, and JAR file location of the set actions.

    After you have finished adding external actions, click on OK your newly added actions will appear among the factory actions. The custom Standardizer action will be available in every Standardizer application.