MarvinView Simple Bean Example

    This example shows how to create the MViewPane JavaBean component and embed it in a Swing Container component. By default, MViewPane has one single cell into which a molecule can be set in different ways:

    • Loaded from file or URL
    • Pasted or Dropped from other applications
    • Molecule object set directly through API
    • Molecule String representation set through API

    This example demonstrates loading molecules from files by creating a File > Open menu.

    Simple MarvinView example

    This image is a snapshot of in use. The major part of this code is shown below.

    Creating and embedding the single-cell MViewPane component in the JPanel:

     public class ViewSimple extends JPanel {
         public ViewSimple() {
             viewPane = new MViewPane();
             setLayout(new BorderLayout());
             add(viewPane, BorderLayout.CENTER);

    Setting a to the single-cell having the index 0 without format options:

         viewPane.setM(0, fileChooser.getSelectedFile(), null);

    In case a multi-molecule file is opened with this method, it is considered to be an animation or molecular dynamics simulation, and the structures are shown one after another. However, it is more common to have multi-molecule files containing molecules without such a relation. These molecules are typically shown in a table. The View Table example shows how to create a table with multiple cells.