How to Use MarvinView Features

    MarvinVew is a chemical viewer capable of handling thousands of chemical structures, queries, reactions and data associated with them. The main features are listed below:

    • Import and Export: MarvinView supports an exceptionally wide variety of file formats for importing your molecules, as well as for exporting them either as structures or as images.
    • Editing Molecules: Although, MarvinView is a chemical viewer, it still offers a limited list of editing features as well.
    • Structure Display Options: MarvinView has a wide range of options for changing the display of molecules, such as colors, font sizes and types, display of atoms and bonds, implicit hydrogens.
    • Manipulating the Molecules: The transformation tools of MarvinView include dragging, rotating, zooming etc.
    • Multipage Molecular Documents: Large drawings can be divided into pages and additional tools are offered to help navigating in these multipage documents.

    {info} Importing image files requires OSRA (Optical Structure Recognition Application) installed on your computer.