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    Is it possible to prepare an exercise based on an imported image (such as e.g. a spectra)?

    For Teachers

    Is it possible to prepare an exercise based on an imported image (such as e.g. a spectra)?

    Currently it is not possible to attach an image to a question, but we are planning to develop this feature soon.

    I am wondering about the difference between practice quizzes and assessments. Do both of these count towards student assessment?

    Practice quizzes are available immediately for the students and may be completed multiple times. The correct answers are shown after answering each question for the students to help their self-study process. Assessments are only available if they are started by the instructor and can be completed only once. In this case, the correct answers are only displayed for the students after the instructor has closed the assessment (this means the students can no longer work on it). We generally recommend the assessment mode for graded tests such as for exams, assignments... etc.

    What does the teacher see after the student has completed a practice quiz or an assessment?

    In both assessment and practice modes, the instructor is able to track the students’ progress in a Class under the Results tab and see their answers and scores for each question.

    Can students leave the Class and resume the assessment at a later time before submitting it while an assessment is open?

    Yes, students can resume their assessment as long as it is kept open by you. They may leave the assessment any time by using the Back button of the browser or by simply closing their Zosimos tab. So they may answer a few questions then take a break and return to the quiz later on. Every answer they provide will be automatically saved and they can see them once they open the assessment again. They can also modify the earlier answers too as long as they have not clicked the Submit button.

    Can the student results be downloaded?

    The assessment results can be downloaded in csv format for further usage outside of Zosimos (e.g. in an LMS).

    For Students

    How can I join a class?

    You can join a class with a student invitation link sent by your instructor. Just click on the link and register/sign in into Zosimos. You will either have immediate access to the Class or you might have to wait for your instructor's approval to join the Class.