JChem for Excel Ribbon

    JChem for Excel is a chemistry add-in for Microsoft Excel. The various functions of this solution can be accessed through the JChem tab.


    The following menu constructions are available:

    • Standard: This menu configuration is ideal for users who just started to use the solution and would like to use the basic functions of it.

    • Advanced: This menu configuration is ideal for users who are already familiar with the application and would like to use the advanced features of it.

    Both ribbon types can be customized, so users can create their menus according to their specific needs.

    The details of the customization process are described in the User Interface Customization topic.

    It is also possible to use a Chinese and a Japanese menu set with a customized XML file. Please contact us on jc4o-support@chemaxon.com regarding this matter.

    The figures below show an earlier version of the Chinese and Japanese menu sets.

    images/download/attachments/1806785/JChemExcel_Ribbon_Chinese.png images/download/attachments/1806785/JChemExcel_Ribbon_Japanese.png

    {info} Please note that standard and advanced menu sets cannot be used together with customized XML files.