Set Services

    To set a service, follow the steps below.

    1. Navigate to Edit > Preferences.
      ![Opening the preferences dialog](img src="images/download/attachments/1805806/Set_a_Service_s1.png)
    2. Select the Services tab.
    3. Click Add New service (+ icon).
    4. Specify the options below and click Accept.
      • Service type: Select the type of service you want to use in MarvinSketch.
      • Service name: Enter the service name. This name will be shown on the Services tab and under Tools > Services menu.
      • Service description: Describe the relevant service; it will appear as a brief help in a pop-up box (optional).
        Specifying the service parameters
    5. To apply the service to a molecule, click Services, and select the newly added function.
      The newly added service in use

    See the Services Tab section for information about which user actions are available for the added services.