Notice for ChemAxon Software User Experience (UX) Research

    Notice for ChemAxon Software UX Research regarding session(s) of an interview with you and/or a usability test of one of ChemAxon Software for the purpose of improving such ChemAxon Software to best serve our customers’ needs (the “ Study ”).

    Conditions include and you consent on

    Voluntary Participation

    With sending us your reply stating that you are willing to participate in the Study, it is considered understood that your participation in the Study is voluntary and you agree to immediately raise any concerns or areas of discomfort during the Study session(s) to the Study administrator. You understand, acknowledge and agree that your Study session may be recorded.

    Audio and Video Recording

    We may be recording either the audio or the video of your Study session(s) or both by direct or indirect methods using third party tools e.g. log the user interactions by recording mouse movements using Hotjar (the “Records”). Records shall be used by ChemAxon internally for the specific purpose written above. The recording will not be published or used for any other purpose.


    You agree that you will not draw or enter any confidential information during the Study session(s) and will not claim liability from ChemAxon thereupon. Additionally, if you participate in the Study, you hereby agree that you will not disclose any information obtained during and about the Study nor ChemAxon Software tested.

    Terms and Conditions

    Please read more information about the Terms and Conditions of the Study here.