Register from the Registration page

    Advanced registration is a process from the Registration page that involves the source-based Structure checkers, Stereo Analyzer, Registration options and the presence of a match list ( for multicomponent compounds) and a suggestion list (for single/no structures) if matches are found in the DB.

    Advanced Registration page: Structure checker
    Structure checker Stereo Analyzer
    images/download/attachments/1803805/just_thechecker.png images/download/attachments/1803805/stereo_analyzer3.png

    When the structure area is opened (the user is about to draw a structure or a structure is already loaded), the real-time structure checking and stereo analyzing will be turned on. The source-dependent structure checkers can be enabled or not and usually (depending on the checker and the associated fix options) a "Do not fix" and fix options are available.

    Using the Stereo Analyzer option, stereocenters and stereo double bonds can be recognized. User can even automatically change structures by applying fixers to the molecule.