General settings

    The following settings can be made:

    Date format

    The Java "SimpleDateFormat" patterns can be used to configure how dates are displayed.

    Display of the version level within the three browser

    Controls if version level should be displayed on the Browse and Search pages

    Virtual compound registration

    This enables to register structures without creating a preparation/lot, only parent and version compounds will be created.

    Automatically assign failing submissions to the submitter

    Submissions, that are not yet registered are automatically assigned to the submitter.

    From version 19.20.0-1910071220 "Assign to submitter" function respects direct assignment and do not override it.

    {primary} The Submitter can be a different user than the logged in user.

    Auto-assign submissions to the logged in user when opening it

    Functionality available from CompReg version: 19.12.0-1906061910. This setting tends to replace the old behavior when a submission was opened by a user it was always automatically "assigned" to the given user. Now a setting is available.

    Submissions, that are not yet registered are automatically assigned to the user when a submission is opened. Auto-assign is happening only when the submission has no assignee. Previous assignees are not overwritten.

    {primary} CompReg version: 19.12.0-1906061910:

    Since the auto-assignment works only for submissions that don't have assignees, the auto-assignment will not be made if the "Automatically assign failing submissions to submitter" setting is ON.

    Keep unmapped fields as "Uncategorized Data" during a bulk upload

    The fields present in the uploaded SDF will be saved as "Uncategorized Data" fields even if they were not mapped during the registration.

    The general settings