About Managing Plugins

    IJC's Plugin Manager enables you to update and manage your IJC plugins dynamically. IJC enables you to deactivate the plugins that you do not need to minimize startup time and save memory. Deactivated plugins are not deleted from your installation directory, but are simply ignored by IJC. You can re-activate them at any time.

    You can also choose to uninstall plugins from IJC. Uninstalled plugins are removed from your installation directory. To use an uninstalled plugin, you need to install it again.

    You use the Plugin Manager to connect to the update centers to check if there are new plugins or new versions of already installed plugins available. If new or updated plugins are available, you can select, download, and install them using the Plugin Manager.

    A plugin generally consists of a group of dependent modules. When you update a plugin, the update usually consists of updating one or more of the modules that make up the plugin. Deactivating a plugin usually consists of deactivating the individual modules that make up the plugin.

    • Some plugins may be dependent on modules in other plugins in order for the functionality to be implemented. The Plugin Manager warns you when this is the case.