Plexus Connect - Views Sharing

    Plexus Connect uses the same item sharing logic as Instant JChem. (Instant JChem Sharing items with others). Views (e.g grid view or form view) are one of the items which belong to the individual user. Each user can create, modify or delete their views. Once modifications are done view owner can allow a view to be shared, which means that all users will see the item and can use it.

    • Share view

      • images/plexus-connect/people_outline-24px.svg
    • View is shared

      • images/plexus-connect/people-24px.svg.svg

    Subsequently any changes made by non owners are saved per user, thus will not affect any other users.

    Major changes like hiding columns, conditional formatting, ... are allowed only for view owners and such changes will affect all users.