Wedge Error

    {primary} Deprecated

    Wedge Error Checker has been split into three separate checkers: Incorrect Tetrahedral Stereo; Non-standard Wedge Scheme, or Non-stereo Wedge Bondchecker.

    • Checker searches for irregular wedge bonds.

    • Fixer arranges stereo wedge bonds according to IUPAC recommendations. (wedgeclean).

      Example :

      Wedge Error Checker (wedgeerror) Warning: Fix
      Clean Wedge (wedgeclean)
      Detect irregular wedge bond images/download/attachments/1806510/ex_wedge_ch.png ex_wedge_ch images/download/attachments/1806510/ex_wedge_f.png ex_wedge_f
      Ambigous wedge configuration images/download/attachments/1806510/amigWedge.png images/download/attachments/1806510/ambigWedgeFixed.png

      Note : Some symmetric structures are not recognized by the checker.