Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy was last modified on October 28, 2021. What's new in ChemAxon's Privacy Policy?

    Minors who are under the age of 16 : we, at ChemAxon, pay exceptional attention to protect your personal data.

    If you want to use Zosimos …

    … please be informed that your name, username and/or email address is visible for Teachers on Zosimos pages. Other Students do not see any of your personal data. Please report it to us immediately if you observe otherwise.

    … as a Teacher, you must protect others’ data and information.

    … you must obtain parental or guardian consent and accept the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. We advise you to have your parents register and use Zosimos with their permission. Note that your parent or guardian will be responsible for your actions in Zosimos.

    … we, at ChemAxon, do not collect and store your personal data.

    If you want to use MarvinSketch …

    … we, at ChemAxon, do not collect and store your personal data.

    This is a human readable version of provisions of this Privacy Policy mainly relevant to Minors. Note that the contents below prevail. Please also read the Chapters ‘Minors’ Privacy’ below.

    ChemAxon respects your privacy. Any personal information collected at this site will be treated with the utmost care. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, store and use the information that you provide to us online through the (the “ChemAxon Website”) or * ("Other ChemAxon Websites") or web applications in our domains ("Web Applications") such as, ("Chemicalize"), ("Chemicalize Professional"), ("Plexus Suite Demo Site") as well as and its analogous web site(s) (“Zosimos Sites”), respectively (altogether collectively “ChemAxon Websites”). This Privacy Policy does not apply to other Internet sites even if accessed via ChemAxon Websites. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us in one of the ways provided below.

    GDPR statement

    As you may already know, the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on May 25th 2018.

    Your personal data is safe with us. ChemAxon values your privacy and keeps all your personal information confidential, and uses it exclusively to provide you with better services that we work on continuously.

    In order to comply with the requirements of the GDPR, we have now updated our Personal Data Management notice by including transparent information about the type of data that we collect from you, and the purposes of the processing of this data. You can read the whole notice by following this link: Personal Data Management - General

    What is Personal Information?

    Personal information means any information from which a living individual can be identified directly, or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to their physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

    What Personal Information We Collect

    ChemAxon collects personal information about you such as your name, email address, postal address or telephone number. We automatically collect other information relating to your visit to ChemAxon Websites, such as your IP address, the server into which your computer is logged on, your browser type, operating system, browser language and service provider.

    How We Collect Your Personal Information

    ChemAxon obtains information from you either by you typing in your personal details or by the automatic collection of information about you as you use ChemAxon Websites.

    Keying in Your Details

    If you wish to view certain sections of ChemAxon Websites, ChemAxon will ask you to key in standard personal information as you proceed through the stages of our online registration process when creating your ChemAxon Pass (

    Automatic Collection and Cookie Policy

    Google Analytics ( is used as a corporate service, which measures the effectiveness and efficiency of the ChemAxon Websites, software and applications. We are also using Hotjar ( services to gain feedback directly from our users and to understand our user’s behavior better regarding ChemAxon Websites in order to develop and improve ChemAxon products and services, respectively. As for Marvin Desktop Suite particularly, we collect usage data from our private users, which is used to improve our services and understand our users' behavior better.

    We use software known as cookies to facilitate navigation through ChemAxon Websites. Upon creating your ChemAxon Pass, you are assigned a unique number, which is stored in the cookie on your computer’s hard drive. The cookies help us distinguish new visitors from returning visitors and enable us to measure the electiveness of content on the ChemAxon Websites and refine that content to suit our visitor’s interests. ChemAxon cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information.

    You may desire cookies or set your browser to alert you when cookies are being sent. Some areas of our site may not function properly if you do decline to accept cookies. For more information, please review our Cookie Policy.

    What We Use Your Information For

    The principle purposes for which we collect and store your personal information are to process your registration, allow you to personalize various account settings such as communication preferences, and generally maintain the user account you hold with us.

    From time to time we may contact members by email with information regarding our products and services. These communications may contain information about our partners, but all emails are originated by ChemAxon. If you do not wish to receive marketing information, you can unsubscribe once you join. ChemAxon members may control their email and address information, via the ChemAxon Accounts ( website.

    Minors' Privacy

    A minor is considered anyone who is under the age of 16 (the “ Minor ”). As ChemAxon’s general policy, we pay exceptional attention to the protection of personal data of Minors.

    We do not knowingly solicit or obtain individually identifying information from children under the age of 16.

    For provisions relevant to Minors who are using Zosimos, please scroll down and read Chapter ‘ Special condition for Zosimos ’.

    To what third parties might we transfer personal information?

    We do not disclose personal information to third parties for such parties’ own marketing purposes.

    We may disclose personal information to contractors and service providers acting on our behalf or under our instructions for purposes relating to the operation, maintenance, administration (including without limitation authentication), improvement, and oversight of our Website and advertising services, or to fulfill individuals’ requests for information or service, or to reach and access ChemAxon's products and services.

    We may disclose personal information in connection with a corporate transaction, proceeding, or reorganization involving the business activities for which the information is maintained.

    We may disclose personal information as required by law or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order or legal process served on us on ChemAxon Websites.

    We keep and maintain record of and may disclose personal information including name, address, date of distribution and identity of third party programs distributed in connection with our contractual or licensing obligations if our contractual partner or licensor requires us to do so in order to inspect our compliance of agreements. This data processing is necessary for the performance of the contract to which you are a party, according to Paragraph 1.(b) of Article 6 of EU GDPR, quote, "Processing shall be lawful only if and to the extent that processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract." ( ("

    How May I Review and Correct my Personal Information?

    You have the right to access any identifiable personal information about you that we maintain at the time of your request. ChemAxon is committed to providing you with reasonable and practical access to your information to allow you the opportunity to identify and correct inaccuracies.

    Upon creating your account you gain access to edit your personal information at any time through ChemAxon Accounts.

    How might this Privacy Policy be changed?

    We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time, so it is advisable to review it frequently. Changes to this Privacy Policy will be announced on ChemAxon Websites, all amended terms shall automatically be effective [7] days after announcement.

    Contact Information

    If you have questions about our handling of personal information, you may write to us at info [at] or at the addresses below.

    Corporate Identity

    ChemAxon Limited is located at Záhony utca 7, Budapest, 1031 Hungary

    Special conditions for Zosimos

    How these special conditions apply?

    The special terms in this section are complementary to the others herein. It covers and governs terms and conditions that differ or alter from or amend the same set forth in this Privacy Policy. The provisions of this section should be interpreted together with other sections of the Privacy Policy to understand complete terms and conditions regarding Zosimos Sites for your special purposes including evaluation and/or your subscription. So, provisions of other sections of this Privacy Policy shall also apply. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to check and read all sections. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the provisions of this special conditions for Zosimos and other section of this Privacy Policy, terms and conditions of this special conditions for Zosimos shall govern and control regarding your use of Zosimos.

    Who can use Zosimos?

    Zosimos is available for anyone, including Minors. We are protecting everyone’s personal data with utmost care. We pay exceptional attention to the protection of personal data of Minors.

    Who can provide a consent for data processing and using of Zosimos?

    Consent for processing your personal data for using Zosimos can be provided in two ways depending on your age: if you are younger or older than 16 years old.

    If you are 16 years old or older you are fully capable of providing a consent for your personal data processing and to accept the EUSA, Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. This imply that you are fully responsible and liable for any act of misuse or use against the purpose of Zosimos.

    If you are under 16 years old you must obtain parental or guardian consent for processing your personal data and accept the EUSA, Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. We advise you to have your parents register and use Zosimos with their permission. Note that your personal data will be visible for Teachers in Zosimos. Further, your parent or guardian will be fully responsible and liable for any and all actions made by you while using or in connection with the use of Zosimos .

    You, as a parent or guardian of the Minor , shall

    • take full responsibility for any and all actions made by such Minor while using or in connection with the use of Zosimos,

    • provide your consent to process the personal data of such Minor if necessary for using Zosimos, and

    • confirm that you have read, consent and agree the EUSA, the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy including your parental rights, see below.

    The consent for personal data processing and acceptance of aforementioned documents are requirements during the signup process and are tracked in our system.

    Who collects and stores personal data for or during using Zosimos?

    For or during using Zosimos, we, at ChemAxon, do not collect and store any of your personal data. The authentication of users is outsourced to and performed by a third party provider, called Auth0 (Auth0’s Privacy Policy). Auth0 provides us with an identification code for user logins to or identification in Zosimos. ChemAxon personnel, therefore, have no access to your personal data on a regular basis except that limited personnel may access your personal data upon your service request. Nevertheless, your name, username and/or email address is visible for the Teachers if you are a Student or vice versa on Zosimos pages. Other Students do not see your personal data. Please report it to us immediately if you observe otherwise.

    How Zosimos can be used and how that affects the access to someone’s personal data?

    Roles: You can use Zosimos as either a ‘Teacher’ to create quizzes and classes or a ‘Student’ to join classes and take quizzes. According to your role, different rules shall apply to you.

    Status: Zosimos can be used as an educational tool within an institution (e. g. school, high school, university, etc.) or it can be used on your own, apart from any institutional program. According to your status, you shall assume different responsibilities.

    Purpose: Information including personal data visible in Zosimos is intended to be used for the sole purpose of education including performing exercises, tests and examinations.

    Creating a class

    When creating a class as a Teacher, please be aware that you will have access to personal data of all persons you invite to the class (the ‘Invitees’). You can invite either a Student or a Teacher to your class. You, as a data controller, must comply with any applicable law regarding the personal data of such Invitees. ChemAxon strongly condemns and prohibits the use of personal data of any Invitees for purposes other than the core purpose, nature and mission of Zosimos.

    If the Invitee(s) was (were) another Teacher (Teachers), both (all of) you and your Teacher Invitee (Invitees) will have the same aforementioned access to the personal data of further Invitees (e.g. the Students). Liabilities and responsibilities shall be shared and left with you and your Teacher Invitee (Invitees).

    If a class was created by a Minor, the aforementioned access and responsibilities lay with their parents or guardians, which are further detailed in the section entitled ‘ What are my rights as a parent or guardian?’.

    Joining a class

    When you are invited to and join a class, please be aware that the Teacher(s), as described above, can see your email address and/or identifier. Students in the same class are unable to see you and your personal data. Each Teacher takes full responsibility of handling and controlling your personal data according to any applicable law. You have all rights that are prescribed by any applicable law regarding your personal data.

    Issue handling

    In case of any issue, Students, who are using Zosimos (within their institutional education), and their parents or guardians, if such Student is a Minor, may turn to the relevant Teacher (or institution) as a first step, for exercising their rights by any applicable law. Thereafter, they may turn to us or authorities mentioned in section ‘ Complaint Management ’ of our policy, Personal Data Management - General.

    Who can see the quizzes?

    All quizzes are private by default, until you as a Teacher change the relevant settings at your option. When you make a quiz publicly available, it will be accessible not only to your private class but to all Zosimos users. If you do not want to make this happen, stay in private mode. You are fully responsible and liable for all information readable on quizzes prepared for the purpose of either exam, study or practice, which you make publicly available within Zosimos at any time perpetually, temporarily or periodically regardless of whether it was or was not on your purpose. ChemAxon assumes no liability for any of your actions in this matter.

    How long will the User Content be kept?

    Generally, a Teacher is fully liable and responsible for keeping and/or deleting your class, quiz, quiz results and/or other user content in Zosimos (the “ User Content ”). A Teacher, as a data controller, must comply with any applicable law regarding such User Content in Zosimos if it is or contains personal data.

    If you are a Teacher and use Zosimos for institutional education purposes, make sure that you abide the internal rules or policies of your institution regarding keeping and/or deleting User Content.

    ChemAxon does not delete User Content including quiz results except as laid down in its Terms of Use or assumes liability or responsibility for (i) keeping and/or deleting the same or (ii) extracting or transferring the same or information thereof from Zosimos by any Zosimos user and store it in another location where such Zosimos user finds appropriate.

    Use of Zosimos in an educational institution

    If you use Zosimos running in the infrastructure of an educational institution (e.g. school, high school, university), we advise you to kindly make information available about ChemAxon’s Privacy Policy on your institution’s website by copying the link of this Privacy Policy. This would provide instant understanding regarding rights and obligations for handling and controlling personal data when using Zosimos.

    What are your rights and responsibilities as a parent or guardian?

    You, as a parent or guardian, have all the rights that are reserved by any applicable law regarding personal data of your Minors who are using Zosimos. Most importantly, parents or guardians can:

    • review personal data of,

    • request to modify or delete personal data of and

    • refuse to allow to collect further personal data from their Minors.

    Parents or guardians may send their request to the data controller defined in this special condition for Zosimos. For more information, please check the general part of this Privacy Policy.

    Moreover, please keep in mind that parents or guardians are fully responsible and act as a data controller if your Minor, as a Teacher, create a class and this way gain access to Student’s personal data. Parents or guardians shall be held liable and responsible for any misuse and/or use against the purpose of processing of any personal data visible in Zosimos done by their Minor.