Atom properties

The atom properties are exported to CDX file format the following way:

Atomic charge(tick) 
's<n>' query property except 's*'(tick)Substituents Exactly
's*' query property(tick)Free Sites '*0'
'u' query property(tick)Unsaturation
Reaction Stereo(tick) 
Enhanced Stereochemistry(tick) 
'h<n>' query property except 'h<0>'(tick)Free Sites set to implicit hydrogens on the atom minus n.
'h<0>' query property(tick)Implicit Hydrogens not allowed.
'rb<n>' query property(tick)Ring Bond Count
'H', 'X', 'R', 'r' query properties and Query Valence(tick)Written and read as user definied properties. ChemBioDraw removes them.


The following bond features exported to CDX file format from Marvin:

Single bond
Single bond(tick)Plain
Single bond Down(tick)Hashed Wedged
Bold(tick)Bold bond
Single bond Up(tick)Hollow Wedged
Coordinative bond(tick)Dative
Single bond Up or Down(tick)Wavy
Double bonds
Double bond(tick)Plain
Single or double query bond type(tick)Tautomeric
Aromatic(tick)Aromatic bond
Triple bond(tick)Triple bond
Bond properties
Query bonds
Any(tick)Any bond
S/D(tick)Single or double query bond type
S/A(tick)Single or aromatic query bond type
D/A(tick)Double or aromatic query bond type
Ring(tick)Bond is in ring
Chain(tick)Bond is in chain
Reaction center
Center(tick)The bond is a reacting center.
Make/Break(tick)The bond is made or broken in the reaction
Change(tick)The bond (order) has changed in the reaction
Make and Change(tick)The bond is created and changed
Not Center(tick)The bond is not a reacting center
Not modified(tick)The bond is not modified in the reaction

Reaction arrow

The following reaction arrows exported to CDX file format from Marvin:

Single reaction arrow type(tick)Solid
Double reaction arrow type


Resonance arrow type(tick)Resonance
Equilibrium arrow type(tick)Equilibrium


Any polymer S-group type(tick)Anypolymer (anyp)
Component S-group type(tick)Component (c)
Copolymer S-group type(tick)Copolymer (co)
Copolymer S-group type with alternating polymer S-group subtype(tick)Copolymer, alternating (alt)
Copolymer S-group type with block polymer S-group subtype(tick)Copolymer, block (blk)
Copolymer S-group type with random polymer S-group subtype(tick)Copolymer, random (ran)
Crosslink S-group type(tick)Crosslink (xl)
Generic S-group type(tick)Generic ()
Graft S-group type(tick)Graft (grf)
Mer S-group type(tick)Mer (mer)
Formulation S-group type.(tick)Mixture, ordered (f)
Mixture S-group type(tick)Mixture, unordered (mix)
Modification S-group type(tick)Modification (mod)
Monomer S-group type(tick)Monomer (mon)
Multiple group S-group type(tick)Multiple Group (#)
SRU S-group type(tick)SRU (n)
Repeat pattern
Head-to-tail S-group connectivity(tick)Head-to-Tail
Head-to-head S-group connectivity(tick)Head-to-Head
Either unknown S-group connectivity(tick)Either/Unknown
Flip Type(tick)Supported


LP atoms(tick)Exported as graphical Lone Pairs
Absolute stereo(tick)Exported as 'Abs' label