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Compound Registration is a tool that uses a web browser interface for registering chemical structures. Structures - or compounds in general - are being stored in a tree-like representation in three layers: parent, version and lot:

  • Parent: is a neutral form of the chemical structure without any isotope, charge, counter-ion, or salt/solvate. 
  • Version: a molecule (neutral or charged) with its isotope, counter-ion or salt/solvate.
  • Lot: an occurrence of the compound in the company, generally a physical sample.

The 3-layer representation. Example of metamizole

To login into the application please use the credentials provided by the system administrator:

The Login page

The Dashboard page will be displayed after login.

The Dashboard page

In order to register a compound, the user must click on the Registration navigation bar located on the top left side. The registrations can be initiated from the Registration page