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  • Improved managing of child entities on datatree level in schema editor. The changes of child entities are now persisted. (IJC-11307)
  • Fixed import and display of molecules in INCHI format. (IJC-11294)
  • Improved generation of SQL queries for relationships. INNER join is used when left field is ID field and there is no sort for child data. (IJC-11296)
  • MSI distribution package for Instant JChem has been added. This should ease system administrators, the mass installations across the corporate network. (IJC-3061)
  • Multiple columns can be selected for promotion in both "Database Views" and "Database tables" panels. (IJC-10713)
  • Schema refresh "Connection error" dialog does not cancel all the future schema change events after pressing OK button. (IJC-11212)
  • PostgreSQL is available in Admin Tool and the database names in Admin Tool connection panel are now the same as in the "Connect to Schema" panel. (IJC-11262)
  • Schema refresh without restart functionality for Connect fixed for adding / removing child vertices. (IJC-11273)
  • Error message appears when IJC is launched with incompatible Java version. (IJC-11301)
  • Export to file action can handle many-to-many relationships. (IJC-8417)
  • Improved performance of Schema initialization and performance of filtering in Schema editor. (IJC-11183)
  • Database Activity Log Viewer displays events when opened . (Menu Window → Other). (IJC-11279)
  • When a structure is present in the row, the default row height of a grid view is resized to 100 pixels. (IJC-11288)