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  • JChemBase-DB functionalities
    • Filter query setting was not considered during FULL structure search of a molecule database table which might resulted in faulty hit values or exceptions being thrown.
  • JChem Base - jcman
    • Default fingerprint parameters were not set correctly (they did not depend on table type) when table was created using jcman command line tool.
  • JChem Base - general
    • NULLPointerException during search in Markush tables containing structures without Markush features has been fixed.
  • JChem Cartridge
    • jc_standardizer didn't remove hydrogen atoms with "removeexplicitH".
  • Markush Search
    • The number of timeouting searches has been reduced for complex queries in case of Markush search.
  • Standardizer
    • Reaction Editor threw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in some cases when Standardization tab was clicked.
    • "Ungroup" action did not clean the molecule.