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user:~$ npm info marvin-live


  • in overview mode, selection of snapshots can be applied during export
  • remember last used export format and pre-select it on subsequent exports
  • added a reminder that displays the location of deleted snapshots
  • in overview mode, snapshots can be filtered and sorted based on creation date
  • MarvinJS updated to v18.13.0


  • snapshotField type multienum is now available
  • fix: allow increasing nodejs memory limits
  • text fields can now be sorted in overview mode
  • searching among rooms is not limited by the number of rooms in the system anymore
  • display (shared) tag on rooms that are private but were accessed by a user with a valid invitation
  • systemHelp key is now available in config.json to introduce additional help links in the top right corner menu
  • MarvinJS updated to v18.12.0