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In Documents view the results are displayed in the similar manner as in SharePoint Search with documents listed matching the query criteria, under each documents  the structures found in that particular document. On the left side of the screen you can find a summary of search results with Refiners. Clicking on the title of the appropriate hit the document opens.

Keywords, which have been specified in the search are marked with bold on the results page in the appropriate part of text. These parts of text are divided by three points (...). 

If there are many structures found in a particular document, than a pager will appear for navigating through the structure hits. By default 3 structures are displayed under a document per page, but this option can be changed by the administrator.

The matching parts of the structures are highlighted if you specified to apply Hit coloring in Advanced options. The results can be further filtered by using refiners available on the left side of the screen (see more in details in Refiners topic).