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The search action works only on data that have been indexed before. Practically, this means that data have to be converted to a searchable (indexed) form to be able to perform the search process. In this regard please contact your system administrator before using the software. The content sources of indexable data are also customize-able by the system administrator and can be very diverse:

  • Webpages (HTML, aspx, jsp, etc.)
  • MS Office applications (.doc, .docx, .xls, .pdf, etc.)
  • Structures in different formats
  • OLE objects
  • SharePoint sites.

When carrying out the search user permissions are also taken into account, so as a result only those hits are returned to a specific user for which he or she has permissions.

The general process of using JChem for SharePoint Search is the following:

  1. Upload the documents to be searched
  2. Perform indexing
  3. Set search parameters on the Search form
  4. Run the search
  5. Display the results in Documents or Structures view
  6. Analyze the results based on appropriate refiners

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