Quick Start Guide for Teachers with an LMS

    On this page we describe how you can use Zosimos connected to your LMS.

    Guide for Teachers for managing assignments

    Instructors’ guide for managing assignments with Zosimos in

    Layout of Zosimos launched from an LMS

    After you launch Zosimos from your LMS for the first time, you will see the following opening page:

    The quizzes you can access later on in Zosimos will be organized into two categories. The quizzes you create will immediately appear on the My Quizzes tab, while Course Quizzes will list the quizzes that are available for all course teachers for all of the activities in a given course. Thus teachers can use these Course quizzes without any limitation when adding quiz content to their activities. In order for a quiz to appear on this tab, it must be shared by a course instructor who created it or it must be already linked to a course activity in the LMS.

    Quiz creation - video

    Quiz creation is very straightforward in Zosimos. Just click the New Quiz button in the top right corner of the opening page and you will be taken to the Quiz creation page.

    Start preparing your exercises by providing a question that might be illustrated with a chemical drawing and then choosing an answer type which might be Structure Anwer, Text Answer or Multiple Choice. For more information on quiz creation, please visit https://docs.chemaxon.com/display/docs/quick-start-guide-for-teachers.md#src-20426261-quickstartguideforteachers-howtocreatequizzes

    If you are interested in what kind of chemistry exercises we currently support, please also check out Chemistry Exercise Types

    Quiz actions

    Once you are ready with your quiz, it will be placed on the My Quizzes tab and you can do multiple actions with it. There are two actions displayed on the quiz card itself.

    If you click Student View, you can complete the quiz as if you were a student but your scores will not be recorded. This is a great way to double check if all of your exercises work in the way you imagined them in the creation process.

    The Assign button will tie the quiz you created to the activity in your LMS. For more details on this action please see the subsequent part of this documentation. If you click the dots in the top right corner of the quiz card, you will see more actions appearing.

    Duplicate and edit enables you to copy your quiz and then make changes to it.Edit title and description allows you to change the title of your quiz or add an optional description to it.View and edit content brings up your quiz in a Content View:

    Here you can change your exercise content in case you spot any mistakes and would like to fix them quickly. You can modify the question and answer texts, the chemical drawings and change the multiple choice options you previously marked as correct. Please note that you are not able to add any new exercises in this view or change the scoring and the number of attempts in your exercises. For that, please use the Duplicate and edit option. If you click Share with course instructors, you can share the quiz with other teachers you work with, e.g. with your colleagues with whom you co-teach a course. If you select this option, your quiz will also appear under Course Quizzes.

    If you would like to revoke this action later on, you should click Stop sharing on the quiz card and your quiz will only be visible to you again.

    Assigning a quiz to an activity in the LMS

    As described previously, in order to assign a quiz to an activity in your course, just click the Assign button on the quiz card. After clicking on the button, you have two options: you can either assign the quiz as a practice or as an assessment. After assigning the quiz as a practice, the result page automatically appears. This is the page where you will be able to check the detailed students’ results later on. At this point, the quiz will be available to the students when they click on the given activity in the LMS.

    There is an Unlink From Activity button if you would like to choose another quiz for the activity. The ‘Unlink From Activity’ is available until the first student begins his/her practice. The students will access the quiz in the practice mode of Zosimos. This means that they can complete the quiz as many times as it is available to them to master the course material the quiz covers.

    If you assign the quiz as an assessment (by choosing the ‘Assign as an Assessment’ option) you can set up the parameters of the assessment such as:

    • Scheduling: the start and closing date of the assessment. The ‘Start date and time’ cannot be set to the past, and must be before the ‘Closing date and time’.
    • When to release the results
    • What the students can see

    When the ‘Starting date and time’ are passed, the students can start the assessment and submit it whenever they want. At the ‘Closing date and time,’ the assessments will be submitted automatically.

    For more detailed instructions read the appropriate Instructors' guide.

    Accessing student results

    When students complete chemistry quizzes in Zosimos, their result will be displayed on the Quiz Results page:

    Here you can review all the details connected to a given quiz completion, such as the answers to all questions, the scores and the final percentage. The percentage results or scores depending on your LMS will also be transferred to the gradebook of the LMS. Please note that students are allowed to retake a quiz as the quiz will be in practice mode so they might have multiple results here. However, only their last completion attempt will be stored in the LMS.

    Zosimos also has a strict assessment mode that is not yet available as part of an LMS integration. Please drop us a line at zosimos-support@chemaxon.com, if you are interested in using that in your LMS.