Selection of molecule parts

This section demonstrates the handling of visual sequence-based structures in BioEddie.


Hovering over a canvas element will highlight it and provide feedback on what will be selected with a left mouse button click.

The highlight reflects which level/detail you are about to interact with. Possible levels: monomer, bond, component/molecule.

Highlighted monomer:


Highlighted bond:


Highlighted component/molecule:



Select a monomer or a component with a left mouse button click. Hold Control (Windows) or Shift (Mac) and click on other elements to select multiple monomers or components.

Click on images/download/thumbnails/1806408/rectangle_selection.png and d rag a rectangle over a certain area of the Canvas view to select all molecule components with this area.

Buttons for deleting images/download/thumbnails/1806408/delete.png , expanding images/download/thumbnails/1806408/expand.png , collapsing images/download/thumbnails/1806408/collapse.png and images/download/thumbnails/1806408/deselect.png deselecting will appear at the top of the Canvas/Primary view if a monomer or a component is selected.

If the Secondary View is displayed, information related to the selection is shown there.

Click on images/download/thumbnails/1806408/rectangle_selection.png then on an empty area of the canvas or click on images/download/thumbnails/1806408/deselect0.png button at the top of the canvas to deselect all molecule components on the canvas.

Selected monomer:


Selected bond:


Rectangle selection:


Selected component/molecule: