Selection Tools

The default tool is the Rectangle selection. Another type of selection can be chosen from a sub-menu, after clicking on the black triangle in the lower-right corner of the button.

With Rectangle selection, you can select rectangle-shaped areas. Every structure and object inside the rectangle will be selected.

Selection symbol

Selection type


Rectangle selection


Freehand selection

An atom or a bond can be selected by clicking on it with either of the selection tools. Double-clicking on the structure (or object) selects the whole structure, in this case, the bond gets selected along with the connected atoms.

If you want to select a bond without its atoms, you have to choose the Freehand selection and select the middle of the bond. Alternatively, press the Ctrl key and click on the bond while either of the selection tools is active.

Select Structures with the Freehand Selection Tool

  1. Select the Freehand selection tool.

  2. Drag the cursor until the gray line sweeps over the structure.

  3. The selected structure gets a blue highlight.


Select Structures with the Rectangle Selection Tool

Select the Rectangle selection tool.

Drag the cursor until the rectangle includes every part of the structure you would like to select.

When you release the left mouse button, the selected structure gets a blue highlight.