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copyAsFormatDefault clipboard format by Copy As action.platform dependent
copyOptsEnabled output formats at copy command To specify more formats, enumerate them in a comma separated list.
  • text - Copy As Text
  • bitmap - Copy As Bitmap Image
  • emf - Copy As Vector Graphical Image (EMF)
platform dependent
debugDebug mode. Possible values: 0, 1, 2.0
defaultSaveFormatDetermines the default chemical file format in the Save As dialog.mrv


Allows (true) or denies (false) mouse dragged events in cells.true
editableModes: display only (0) or editable (1, 2). If editable=2, then doubleclick launches MarvinSketch (instead of a viewer window).0


Escape character to use for parsing the values of mol and cell parameters. 
importEnabledAllow or forbid molecule import. If this parameter is false, paste function is disabled in MarvinView, also Import option is disabled in the Molecule Source window. (Use editable parameter to forbid the editing of the molecules.)true
molFormatDefault file format: mol, csmol, smiles, cxsmiles, cml, pdb, pov, sybyl, or xyz.mol
navmodeMouse drag action.
  • translate - move the structure
  • zoom - change magnification
  • rotZ - rotate in the screen's plane
  • rot3d - 3D rotation
selectableUse selectable=false to forbid molecule selection with mouse click.true
sketchHelpSketcher help contents.chemaxon/marvin/help
sketchQuickHelpSketcher quick help.chemaxon/marvin/help
namingWebServiceURLSpecifies the URL of a name recognition and import service for the name import to use.empty