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This API is the public interface of ChemAxon's ComplianceChecker.

Details of the ComplianceChecker REST API can be found at <host>:<port>/cc-api/swagger-ui.html (by default port is set to 8066)

The demo (limited content!) is available at




/categories/Returns all categories


GET/category-groups/Returns all category groups
GET/category-groups/countries/Returns all countries
GET/category-groups/international-regulations/Returns all international regulations


GET/check/Checks a single molecule. The molecule and the date are passed as Get variables
POST/check/Checks a single molecule. The request is passed as a Post message
GET/check/{molecule}/Checks a single molecule. The molecule is passed as a path variable
GET/check/{molecule}/{dateOfRegulations}/Checks a single molecule. The molecule is passed as a path variable


POST/check-list/Checks a list of molecules
POST/check-with-id/Checks a list of structures with ids and returns substance ids and category codes of the hits


GET/filecheck/Returns all file checks and their reports
POST/filecheck/Places a file to begin the processing of the containing molecules
DELETE/filecheck/{jobId}/Deletes an existing file check and its reports
GET/filecheck/{jobId}/Service method to get the status and reports of jobs
POST/filecheck/{jobId}/report/Service method to submit a report generation request
knowledge-base-update-controllerPOST/update-from-file/Updates all services with the provided knowledge base file
POST/update-to-latest/Updates all services with the latest knowledge base file from the configured 'common.autoUpdateUrl' site
report-template-controllerGET/report-template/Returns all report templates
POST/report-template/Adds or modifies a report template
DELETE/report-template/{id}/Deletes an existing report template

Returns all substances from the knowledge base.
(WARNING! Calling this endpoint from the swagger UI can kill the browser because the response JSON is too large to parse!)

POST/substances/grouped/Returns all segment ids belonging to the given category group id-s grouped by category codes
system-info-controllerGET/system-info/Returns system information

Returns all user-defined category groups

POST/user-defined-category-groups/Saves a user-defined category group
DELETE/user-defined-category-groups/{id}/Deletes a user-defined category group