Chemaxon Synergy History of Changes

28.10.2019 Synergy Version: 1.3.1910281247

New features

  • UI button design is now coherent with the rest of the integrated ChemAxon applications

  • Synergy now supports multiple identity providers. Either ChemAxon Pass or Google can be used during login

  • Improved access for direct feedback and our support system from the Synergy portal

  • Team administrator can now access team and subscriptions details

  • Users with Egnyte and/or Google Drive integration can now access those services directly from the application portal

API changes

  • Improved API to better follow CRUD pattern

    • admin and application integration API separated

    • admin API extended with CRUD operations for applications and teams

20.03.2019 Synergy Version: 1.3.1903201610


  • And some small UI adjustments

26.02.2019 Synergy Version: 1.3.1902260826

New features

  • Some small UI adjustments

10.01.2019 Synergy Version: 1.3.1901090911c

New year, new resolutions!


  • Removed some typos from the notification emails

New features

  • We have introduced a new colour scheme

  • We have removed our Zendesk widget and replaced it with Freshdesk for support

  • Our EUSA is now prompted when joining a new team, only those shall continue who accept it

11.12.2018 Synergy Version: 1.3.1812101301

New features

  • Team member list and list of projects can be selected now

06.12.2018 Synergy Version: 1.3.1812051429

New features

  • DEMO teams are now available. When a new user requests access to these pages, they don't only have to provide their email address, but also their name and company.

  • New default group available: the CRO group has been renamed to EXTERNAL

30.11.2018 Synergy Version: 1.3.1811260752


  • Some minor UI bugfixes on the request access page

  • Minor bugfixes (wrong product page links) on the new user interface

15.11.2018 Synergy Version: 1.3.1811131330

New User Interface


  • Fixed bug, where within projects the selected assignee was not shown

  • Fixed bug, where the clear button did not clear the assignee field within projects

New features

  • New built in groups in teams: CRO and USER. These will be integrated in the future to the instances

  • Centrify now available as an ID provider

30.10.2018 Synergy Version: 1.3.1810291250


29.10.2018 Synergy Version: 1.3.1810191435


  • Fix for instances in "waiting" status that were not visible for users

New features

  • Team members can be added to projects

  • Team members of a project can be listed

18.10.2018 Synergy Version: 1.3.1810151615


  • e2e tests have been disabled during the Confluence update

  • Small UI modifications on the system admin UI

  • The project view error has been fixed

  • Some email notifications have slightly been changed

26.09.2018 Synergy Version: 1.3.1809250929

New features

14.09.2018 Synergy version 1.3.1809131118


  • Fixing the way how users are deleted/inactivated (users could not be added to teams, applications could not be registered)

  • Fixing the Firefox bug, where assignee for projects could not be selected