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Required configuration in Synergy

You need to look up properties below in your Centrify admin area, and provide it to the Synergy system administrator before registering your team.

  • clientId
    Apps > Web Apps > Trust > OpenID Connect Client ID 
  • clientSecret
    Apps > Web Apps > Trust > OpenID Connect Client Secret
  • tenant
    Settings > Customization > Tenant URLs
    Your tenant name is the prefix before in one of these urls, like:
    in this case your tenant name is centrify-tenant

Required configuration in Centrify

You need to register Synergy as a Web Application to Centrify and apply these settings in order to complete SSO configuration.

  • Apps > Web Apps > Settings
    Set Application ID to synergy

  • Apps > Web Apps > Trust

    set Resource application URL: https://{your-synergy-team}
    add this to Authorized Redirect URIs