Bonds Tab




Show Bond in Hand

When this box is checked, there is visual feedback when you select any of the bonds.

Down Wedge Orientation

Allows changing the wedge bond display convention. Down wedge points downward in MDL's convention, upward (at the chiral center) in Daylight's.

Terminal Bond Deletion Method

The terminal bond can be deleted in one of the following two ways:

  • With the Terminal Atom: The terminal atom disappears with the bond.

  • Without the Terminal Atom: Only the bond is deleted.

"Any" Bond Line Style

Select from the following modes for unknown bond type display:

  • Automatic

  • Dashed

  • Solid

The option can be separately set for MarvinSketch and MarvinView.

"Coordinate" Bond Line Style

Select the type of coordinate bonds from the following:

  • Single Atoms

    • Arrow

    • Solid

  • Multicenter

    • Hashed

    • Solid