Using the search

This section will guide you through using the search interface of ChemLocator.

  1. Marvin JS editor

  2. The type of the search. Available search types:

    1. Substructure search

    2. Similarity search

    3. Full substructure search

    4. Duplicate search

    5. Superstructure search

    6. Full fragment search

  3. Combine the chemical search with a text search. The operation will use an AND logic to combine the chemical matches with the text hits.

  4. Allows to convert a name to a structure. The resulting molecule (if successful) will be drawn in Marvin JS.

  5. Starts the chemical and/or text search. While searching the documents, the query section will collapse to provide a larger result screen; the query section can be expanded by clicking the gray bar.

    1. Opens the advanced options sections that can be used to refine the initial chemical search. The available sections are:

      1. Chemical options - these options are provided by the underlying search engine, JChem Base

      2. Chemical properties - these options depend on the enabled options when configuring Structure properties

      3. Chemical terms - these options will allow the filtering based on specific chemical terms; since these chemical terms are computed during search the results will take longer to appear than using the search without these options.