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2018.04.05 - News


Open Access Documents provide us a wide range of knowledge publicly and freely available on the Internet (Source: On the other hand, the available knowledge can be overwhelming, especially when we should read through 2 million documents. It is clear that we need some more powerful solution here. I would say we need a tool and let it extract and aggregate the hidden knowledge from the documents instead of us. Imagine, how easy it would be to search (and find of course) chemical information (and/or text information) within this data set? Which basically contains 53 million chemical entity in them? Watch the following video.

Find reactions

That is right, search for structures work. What if we wanted to synthetize? What if we wanted to find the reactions for that? What if we already had a report for that specific reaction? What if we had thousands of reports with reactions? Sometimes our knowledge source is not a well organized reaction database, but how to search reactions in unstructured documents? From now on, that should not be an impediment anymore. Reactions can be part of any documents and still searchable. Take a look at the following video and see how easy it is to find reactions.