User-defined category editor

The admin can create/modify/delete a custom user-defined regulation category based on the selected set of categories belonging to the same country.
Further refinement of the selected categories is possible to select/unselect which "Substance IDs" (regulations/queries) should this user-defined category contain.
However you cannot add new rules to this category. But you can remove regulated substances you have license for.

Click on the images/download/thumbnails/1805537/category_editor_icon.png button on the left navigation bar to start the User-defined category editor.

User-defined category editor

Creating a new user-defined category

Clicking the Create new category button a short guide is displayed:


After selecting a country (Switzerland) only one category (7144 - CH ... Narcotics List D) is selected for editing:


The table of the displayed regulations can be filtered by free-text search of Substance ID / Substance name / Category and System updates, plus in the Show dropdown llist the Selected/Unselected.
Above the table the Selected regulations (Selected 182 of 188) are shown on the left and the Displayed (filtered) regulations (Displayed 6 of 188) are shown on the right side:


In this example Not modified regulations containing ethylamphetamine and methylamphetamine were filtered and unselected from this user-defined category.

After editing this user-defined category the images/download/thumbnails/1805537/savebutton.png button should be clicked. On saving a unique Category code is generated by the system, starting from 100001.

Editing/Deleting a user-defined category

When there are existing earlier created user-defined categories saved in the system, clicking on the images/download/thumbnails/1805537/category_editor_icon.png User-defined category editor icon displays a list of these in a table.

In the Actions column you can select Edit or Delete.


Opens the editor where you can easily review - with the above described filters - the Added/Modified/Deleted/Not changed substances in your custom category which were affected by the latest Knowledge Base update.

After editing this user-defined category the images/download/thumbnails/1805537/savebutton.png button should be clicked.


You can delete an existing user-defined category by clicking the Delete button in the Actions column.

A confirmation popup will be displayed that you should accept for the deletion.


Notifications after Knowledge Base update!

Notifications column shows the number of substances - system updates - in a user-defined category that were Added/Deleted/Modified during the latest Knowledge Base update.
You can review and accept each user-defined category one by one selecting Edit in the User-defined category list.

What happens on a Knowledge Base update?

  • When the Knowledge Base is updated all unaccepted notifications will become automatically accepted.

So before the Knowledge Base update all user-defined categories with Notifications should be reviewed and modified if needed.

A warning popup is displayed on a Knowledge Base update to remind you that all unaccepted notifications will become automatically applied.


You should review and accept each user-defined category - that has system updates - one by one selecting Edit in the User-defined categories table.

In the following example the user-defined categories were created with Knowledge Base v17.10.04.3 and the Knowledge Base was updated recently to v18.07.11.0:


Reviewing (Edit) the SwissEF user-defined category and applying the System updates filters (Added/Modified/Deleted/Not changed) in the above example, 20 substances were deleted, 38 substances were added and 2 substances were modified between the October 04, 2017 and the July 11, 2018 Knowledge Base.

  • Modified substance gets automatically selected at the Knowledge Base update- even if that substance was deselected in the user-defined category.


  • Modified category of a substance results in Add/Delete, i.e. 2 system updates.

Checking against user-defined categories

Because Single check or File check can only be run against countries or category groups, a user-defined category group should be created that contains your user-defined category.
After that you can run the check against that category group.